About us


Where it all started

One day while on a fishing trip with my father, my heart felt a pang of pain when my father said he wished my siblings were with us, if only they had the patience for the inevitable waiting part of fishing.

That caused 13-year-old me to dream up ways where boredom was no longer part of a pastime that demands patience from old and young alike.
I realized the waiting and the need for instantaneous results were the two reasons why younger generations, including my own siblings, would never go fishing.

My vision has always been to share the joy of fishing with people! And years later, the fact that my sibling missed out on great fishing trips with our dad, inspired my innovation!

Our team has integrated modern technology with the timeless practice and the beautiful art of fishing, by inventing a lure that both introduces the element of entertainment and the most efficient possible way of luring a fish.

We looked at the bait and lure concepts that were readily available in the market, and we couldn't find anything that could attract fish in a simple, yet elegant way.

Knowing that fish are naturally drawn to other fish, we capitalized on a fish's biological inclination by creating a life-like lure. In fact, many people have actually thought our lure to be a real fish.

Animated Lure provides entertainment while luring in fish by its life-like swim patterns, life-like appearance, sound, and vibration. 
Our hope is to rekindle the old pasttime. We want to help get families by the water and contribute to those memories that last a lifetime.

Animated Lure Attracts Fish in 4 Ways

Life-Like Movement
Realistic Appearance