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Jack Mackerel Specialty

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【Shape & skins】The skins are designed to mimic the look of real-life fish and we offer 24 different skins with protective layers on the body.

【Size & weight】Animated Lure SaltWater measures 8.8”/ 22.35cm and has a weight of 5.2Oz/ 147.42g.

【Materials & durability】Animated Lure SaltWater is made of ABS and anti-corrosion stainless steel. The fish has a 3-section body held together with metal hinges. The hinges have a max strength of 100lbs/ 45kg. The Animated Lure Classic shouldn’t swim more than 28m/82feet deep.

【Charging & battery-time】Animated Lure SaltWater has a battery time of one hour. The fish is charged by a USB charging mechanism. A blue light on the head will turn on to indicate that it’s charging and the blue light will turn off once Animated Lure is fully charged. A full charge may take 2 to 2.5 mins depending on the adapter used.

【Motor & swimming pattern】Animated lure SaltWater has a powerful waterproof motor. The fish can swim up to 1 hour depending on the water condition. The fish has a realistic swimming pattern inspired by real fish. The fish will start swimming by itself once fully submerged in water, you do not need to turn it on or off.

【Package contents】Animated Lure SaltWater comes with an extra propeller, charging cables, and a set of instructions. 

【Standards & Patents】Designed in the USA. holding standards such as CE, FCC, ISED SDoC, RCM, CEC DOE, RACH, ROHS, IPX8 waterproof. US Patent, International PCT Patent.

【Support & After-sales Service】Animated Lure has provided all the necessary instructions and manuals on www.animatedlure.com. The extra propeller can also be purchased on the website. The Animated Lure support team will be online to help you in the case of inquiries. 

Why choose us?

Life-Like Movement

Animated Lure is designed to mimic real fish swimming motion to attract other fishes.

Realistic Appearance

The shape and color pattern of Animated Lure are inspired from real fish with shiny cover to be more realistic.


The animated Lure propeller generates vibration that attracts other fishes.

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